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Ways to Use Collins Compost  


Coverage chartsApply about a 1 in. layer of compost and incorporate with a shovel, hoe or rototiller to 4-6" deep. Plant vegetables, annuals, and/or perennials and water thoroughly. Soils with low organic matter may be benefit from adding compost on an annual basis for several years.
Apply about a
to 1 in. layer of compost to soil. Incorporate lightly with hoe or rake without disturbing roots of nearby plants. Water thoroughly to help compost move throughout the root zone.

Apply about a 1 in. layer to soil surface and rototill to 4-6" deep. Apply seed or lay sod, and water thoroughly without washing seed away.  For extremely sandy or clay soils, a 2 in. layer of compost may be necessary.

Aerate or thatch existing lawn. Apply a
to in. layer of compost to lawn surface. Rake compost evenly across lawn. Reseed if desired, and water thoroughly.

Dig a hole 3 to 5 times the diameter of the tree rootball. Add approximately 30% compost (by volume) to the soil pile and mix together. Backfill the mixture around the rootball, remove any excess soil, and water thoroughly.


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